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Pistol Range Rules


Safety in the use of firearms is more a matter of training than a problem of laying down a dozen or so rules. Safe handling of firearms is acquired by long experience. The veteran grows more cautious the longer he/she is associated with firearms, realizing just how dangerous they can be when handled carelessly. The beginner is more apt to handle a firearm in an improper, if not to say, dangerous, manner. Because of lack of experience, the beginner does not realize how careful he/she must be. To say, "I didn't know it was loaded", or "I'm sorry", will not remedy damage done. Manufacturers have done their part to make arms safe, and we must do ours.

Range Rules

  1. Shooting hours are: Mon-Friday 8:00 AM till 9:30 PM / Sat & Sun 9:00AM till 9:30 PM
  2. Hearing and eye protection must be worn while firing is in progress. Empty chamber indicators are required for ALL FIREARMS.
  3. Assume all firearms are loaded and may discharge. Therefore, keep all firearms pointed downrange at all times.
  4. Alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind are never allowed on the firing line, nor people under the influence of same.
  5. When no range officer is present, the shooters must agree among themselves whether the line is "safe" or "hot".
  6. Do not handle firearms when the line has been declared "safe" or if anyone is in front of the firing line.
  7. When the firing line is "safe", firearms must be in the box, or on the bench with magazines out, slides locked back, or cylinders open and empty, and empty chamber indicators in place.
  8. Once the firing line has been declared "hot", you may handle, load, and shoot firearms.
  9. No targets, cardboard, or paper is to be stapled or otherwise fastened to the baffle.
  10. Paper targets only, in the steel target holders provided, are the only targets permitted on the 12th Precinct pistol range from positions 7 - 48. Positions 1-6 must incorporate a approved target frame using PVC ground pipes or spec approved free standing frame either or with paper targets only.
  11. Shooting at bottles, cans, or "plinking", is never permitted anywhere on 12th Precinct Club property.
  12. Fast draw shooting is not permitted at any time. Deliberate draw and barricade shooting is only permitted on positions 1-4. Shooters must provide their own barricades and must remove them from 12th Precinct Club property when they are finished shooting.
  13. No gun may be carried as a sidearm on 12th Precinct Club property except by law enforcement officers on duty.
  14. ONLY .22 caliber rimfire rifles are permitted on 12th Precinct Club property.
  15. Shotguns, Skeet, and Trap are not permitted on the 12th Precinct Club property, except Slug Shotguns may be used for hunting.
  16. Sighting in black powder rifles is allowed with a maximum of ten shots for firearm allowed.
  17. Guests must be accompanied by the host club member. Hosts are responsible for the proper and safe conduct of their guests and for their adherence to all club rules and regulations.

Firearms Safety Rules:

  1. If a revolver or pistol is handed to you, or you pick one up, examine it to see if it is loaded.
  2. Never handle, point, or look over the sights of any firearm handed to you without first opening it to be sure it is not loaded.
  3. In handing a firearm to someone, see that it is unloaded and uncocked and be sure the muzzle is not pointing at anyone.
  4. In unloading a pistol, or clearing a jam in it, always first remove the magazine and then draw the slide back and lock it.
  5. Before firing, always inspect the inside of the barrel to be sure there is no obstruction.
  6. Never carry a loaded firearm to the firing point or from one firing point to another firing point.
  7. Never load, or cock any firearm until you are at the firing point, facing the target, and ready to shoot.
  8. When leaving the firing point, comply with the command "Slides back, cylinders out, guns on the (table) bench or in the box, and empty chamber indicators in place!"
  9. Never point a firearm (loaded or unloaded) at anyone you do not want to shoot.
  10. Never place your finger on the trigger until you are in firing position and ready to shoot.
  11. Never talk to a shooter who is on the firing point until he/she has finished firing and has stepped away.
  12. Never turn around while you are on the firing point without first unloading your firearm and laying it down pointed toward the target.


1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

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