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Youth Program

Young Shooters Program

Twelfth Precinct's monthly Young Shooters Program has evolved since it was founded in the Spring of 1998. Ages range from about 5 years to 16 years old, with nearly equal numbers of girls and boys. Judging by their obvious enthusiasm, it is evident that the program is meeting its goal of providing our young people an opportunity to enjoy archery, air riflery and .22 rimfire riflery in an environment that stresses safety and ethics. Parents and guardians can join in the fun, too!

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Young shooter enjoys .22 rimfire riflery (Photo courtesy of Christine Quirolgico)

Air Rifle Range (Photo courtesy of Michael Bay)

How it works

Typically, we start each event with safety instruction. Don't worry if you missed the earlier sessions -- we can "catch you up" at any time and get you started. After discussing safety and grabbing a hot dog and lemonade, we usually break into three groups, going to the archery range, air rifle range, and bullseye range.

At the ranges, various reactive targets are used (balloons, spinners, silhouettes, or even animal crackers) to keep interest high. Then the groups switch locations so that everyone who so desires gets a turn at all of the activities. Or, if a participant really likes archery, for example, he or she can participate in archery all afternoon!

Our five year-olds will often start breaking balloons on the archery range after about 15 minutes of practice. Club sharp shooters beware -- you will have some future competition!

Awards, Volunteer, Contact Information

We have kept the program generally very informal. However, for those who are interested in earning archery or marksmanship awards, we offer a program where participants can earn patches, certificates, or medals at a variety of skill levels and can progress at their own pace. Please volunteer to assist with your favorite sport! If you'd like to introduce a new sport for our youth, please let us know!

If you seek further information regarding the program or wish to volunteer, please contact:

Co-Chair: Jim Hall 443 336-5055 (text is preferred)
Co-Chair: Joel Hurst 301 474-5051
email: 12thPrecinct.youth@gmail.com

Download our Youth Program Flyer

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