Pistol Information
Pistol Range: Our pistol ranges consists of 48 shooting points. Points 1 thru 6 are for casual shooting at various distances. These distances vary from 7 yards, 15 yards, 25 and 50 yards. When shooting at the 1 -6 target points, all shooters must use an approved target stand which can be built for under $20. Targets on all remaining shooting points 7 - 48 must use only the 25 or 50 yard permanant target frames.

Bullseye Pistol League: The TwelfthPrecinct hosts four pistol leagues each year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Shooters need not be members of the Club to participate in the pistol league. The following is a description of the pistol league and its associated rules. See below for important pistol information and downloads.

League Description and Rules:
· Each league is 10 weeks duration with a 2 week make· up period
· Four 900· point (90· shot) sub· aggregate relays are shot weekly, two on Wednesday and two on Saturday
· Relays start at 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM Wednesday evenings
· Relays start at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM Saturday mornings
· Course of fire= 90 total shots: slow fire (20 shots); national match course (30) shots; timed fire (20 shots); & rapid fire (20 shots)
· Six league award categories: Overall, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman, and Marksman .22 only [for beginners]
· Awards banquets are held to celebrate league activities

Contact: Marlin Ewing

22 RimFire Match: Every 4th Sunday of each month we hold a 22 RimFire Rifle match from 10am to 2pm. This match is open to the public and promotes safe rile fundamentals and marksmanship.

Contact: George Petricko / 301-855-7700

Air Pistol League. Air Pistol Matches: Generally the 3rd Sunday September through May

League Description and Rules:
Match Schedule, Course of Fire, and Conditions: There will be two relays. Additional relays may be added at the discretion of the Match Director if demand warrants. The schedule is shown below. Early relays will be filled first. Competitors are requested to arrive one-half hour early to complete registration. Preparation time begins 10 minutes before scheduled match time.

Contact: Kathy Callahan 410-266-5438

Pistol Downloads and Information
Range Rules
Make Your Own Target
NRA 2700 Rules