NRA Registered Outdoor Pistol (2700) Match

The 2700, as it is commonly called, is a course of fire where 270 rounds are fired, each round being worth 10 points, for a total possible score of 2700.

Only those targets with the official NRA seal are official targets for competition. The standard American 50-yard target consists of an X-ring (located in the center of the 10-ring), a 10-ring, a 9-ring, and an 8-ring, all black. The 7-, 6-, and 5-ring, make up the remainder of the target and are in the white area. Any shot outside the 5-ring is considered a miss. The possible score on this target (10 shots) is 100-10X. The X-ring count is used to break ties.

The standard American 25-yard target has the same dimensions (ring size) as the 50-yard target but only the X-, 10-, and 9-rings are black. Dimensions are such that the apparent size of the black area is the same at both distances. As before, shots outside the 5-ring are misses, and the possible score for 10 shots is 100-10X.

The match is fired in three stages, 90 rounds in each stage. The first stage is the .22 caliber stage, normally fired with a pistol in .22 long rifle caliber. The second stage is the Center Fire (CF) stage, normally fired with a pistol or revolver in .38 Special or .45 ACP caliber, although any center-fire caliber can be used, from .32 to .45. The third stage is the .45 caliber stage, fired with a pistol or revolver in .45 caliber, usually 45 ACP.

Each stage consists of five individual matches, which are: Slow Fire, National Match Course, Timed Fire, Rapid Fire, and the Sub-Aggregate. In the Slow Fire match, which is fired at a distance of 50 yards, 10 rounds are fired in a time limit of 10 minutes. These are scored, the target replaced or repaired, and another 10 rounds are fired in 10 minutes for the second stage of the Slow Fire match. This gives a total possible score of 200-20X.

The National Match Course is fired at both 50 and 25 yards. This is a three-stage match: 1) Slow Fire (10 rounds in 10 minutes, 50 yards, with a possible score of 100-10X); Timed Fire (25 yards, two 5-shot strings, each string fired in 20 seconds, possible score of 100-10X); and 3) Rapid Fire (25 yards, two 5-shot strings, each fired in 10 seconds, possible score of 100-10X). Thus, the total possible score for the National Match Course is 300-30X.

The Timed Fire match is fired at 25 yards. It consists of four 5-shot strings, each string fired in 20 seconds. Each target is scored after 10 rounds, and the possible score is 200-20X.

The Rapid Fire match is also fired at 25 yards. It's exactly like the Timed Fire match except that each string is fired in 10 seconds. similarly, it has a possible score of 200-20X, and each target is scored after 10 rounds.

The 50-yard line is commonly referred to as the long line, with the 25-yard line being the short line.

The Sub-Aggregate match is simply the combined scores or the Slow Fire, National Match, Timed Fire, and Rapid Fire matches, with a possible score of: 900-90X.

Now we have completed the first stage of the 3-stage 2700 match. The other two stages are duplicates of the first, but are fired with center fire and .45 calibers, respectively.

Variations of the outdoor 2700 match are the Short Course match (outdoor) and the Indoor match. These are both fired at 25-yards, but the ring sizes on the Slow Fire targets are proportionally smaller to compensate for the shorter firing distance.